Across and Longitudinal Fiber Cable Stripper CCT-KTG10A

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CCT-KTG10A can do both across and lengthwise stripping

It uses unilateralism ratchet wheel to operate, so that the first-time stripped cable has the symmetry hatches on both sides, as we know, the Side Fiber Cable Ripper must strip twice in the optical cable cut-over with service process, CCT-KTG10A overtimes this shortage
It can do one-off strip for the fiber cable Ø10~Ø30mm
It is portable, compact, easy to operate, timesaving, the cut-in depth can be accommodated and can strip at any part of the fiber cable

Fiber cable slitter is an efficient and indispensable tool for fiber optic cable termination, it is usually designed allows jacket or shield slitting on non-fiber optic configurations as well. Fiber-Mart can provide different types of fiber cable slitter and each with its own characteristics. If you need this Across and Longitudinal Fiber Cable Stripper CCT-KTG10A in a large quantity, welcome to contact us, we will provide you a special discount.