Aerial Messenger RG6 Coaxial Cable CCT-RG6-77TS-KAR-BLK1P

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Kasican 1000ft high quality RG6 Tri-Shield 77% Braid Aerial Messenger cable is the same Commercial Grade cable that your local Cable TV company uses to get from the Service Pole to your House or Office Building.



  • Center Conductor: Copper covered steel
  • Dielectric: Closed cell foamed polyethylene¬†
  • 1st Shield: APA laminated tape bonded to dielectric, 2nd Shield: 34 AWG aluminum braid wire; 77% coverage, 3rd Shield: APA laminated tape
  • Messenger: Galvanized steel


  • 1000 feet
  • Black aerial messenger cable
  • 77% braid
  • Trishield
  • 6 series
  • PVC jacket
  • In wooden reel


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