Fiberglass Fish Tape Rodder, 100 ft CCT-FTF-1125

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Fiberglass Fish Tape Rodder, 100 ft  CCT-FTF-1125

The Jonard Tools FTF-1125 has been designed to be the ultimate non-conductive fish tape dispenser and winder. With its built-in handle, fastening and anchoring system, center compartment, and two furling systems, this fish tape system is perfect for pulling wire or cables through conduit, walls, or under carpets. This fish tape system also features the following:

  • Tape is made from a non-conductive nylon-coated fiberglass rod for ultimate flexibility and durability
  • Ultra-smooth pay out and furling of fish tape using the built-in reel handle 
  • Transparent backing allows you to see how much tape is left
  • Backing can be removed easily via metal lock pin to repair the tape quickly and easily
  • Case is made from a high impact plastic material for superior durability, allowing you to stand on it for a hands-free experience
  • Includes: Reel, 100 ft Fiberglass Fish Tape, Standard Flexible Head, Super Flexible Head, Rolling Flexible Head, Single Pulling Loop, (2) Standard Pulling Eyelets, Wide Puling Eyelet, Female-Female Join Adapter, and (2) Screw Terminals 

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