GATOR Center Conductor Cleaner and Beveler CCT-CPR-GATOR

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Cable Prep's Gator Center Conductor Beveller and Cleaner is an essential tool for preparing hard line cables. After coring, the gator tool bevels the center conductor to prevent the connector's seizing mechanism from being damaged and scrapes away bonded dielectric to fully clean the center conductor. The tool features an integrated beveller to remove burrs that may cause signal loss. The tool also features reversible teeth that remove all traces of bonded dielectric without scoring the center conductor. The CCT-CPR-GATOR is a great addition to any tool kit.


  • Removes burrs that can damage connectors
  • Cleans away bonded dielectric without scoring the center conductor
  • Fits comfortably in either hand
  • Integrator beveler
  • Long-lasting reversible teeth that do not need sharpening
  • Ergonomic body
  • Can be used on any hard-line cable


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