Jonard 15 ft. Glow Rod Kit+, 3/16" Diameter CCT-RDG-15A

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15 ft Glow Rod Kit+, 3/16" Diameter  RDG-15A

Designed to facilitate telecom and datacom installations, these glow rods are perfect for pushing and pulling cables in low light applications. These glow rods feature the following:

  • Three standard 5’ long glow rods can be assembled to a full 15’ long
  • Rod design is flexible and resists splintering or breaking
  • Luminescent flexible fiberglass rods glow in the dark while providing a splinter-free experience
  • The steel connectors also have standard 8-32 threads, compatible with most other glow rods
  • Pull strength of each rod is rated up to 500 lb
  • Included attachment heads allow you to push, pull, or navigate through acoustical ceilings, crawl spaces, and more