Klein Tools Fiberglass Fish Tape 50' CCT-56382

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Klein Tools 50 Foot Grooved Non-Conductive Fiberglass Fish Tape

  •  Multiple grooves molded into the fish tape provides less friction in conduit with or without wires for smoother tape feeding;
  •  Non-conductive fish tape and eyelet tip offer added protection against shock from energized sources
  •  The 13-Inch case diameter means you can reel in 15-percent more tape in a single revolution vs. a standard 12-Inch case
  •  Raised fingergrips help transfer 100-percent of the winding power from your hand and fingers
  •  The unique sloped handle optimizes the position of your hand for quick hand-over-hand rewinds and allows a more level payout of tape on the backswing while feeding conduit
  •  Made in USA