Klein Tools Polyester Fish Tape' CCT-50376

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150' High Flex Polyester Fish Tape

  • 150-Foot High Flex Polyester Fish Tape is the perfect combination of flexibility for easy navigation and strength to withstand difficult pulls
  • Triple strand polyester fish tape is 4 times more flexible than fiberglass and 8 times more flexible than steel
  • Polyester material delivers ultimate flexibility to easily glide around difficult corners or joints
  • Triple strand braided tape design creates rigidity to hold shape during payout; improves tape strength and durability to tackle more difficult pulls compared to fiberglass
  • Overall lightweight design and optimized feed angle produce a smooth pay-out and retaction, reducing effort and fatigue
  • Bright orange strand woven into triple strand tape provides better visibility and locating of the tape in low-light
  • Polypropylene case and handle offer high impact resistance