PicoFlow RAPID CCT-101-240202000


Handheld fiber blowing machine, perfect for installers with the occasional job or for experienced installers who need to blow a short distance to finish up a job

  • Fiber/Cable OD: 0.8-3 mm
  • Duct size OD: 3-12.7 mm
  • Preparation time: 3 min
  • Blowing distance: up to 500 feet

Compact machine
A small, handheld machine that works with a drill machine.

Tool-free installation
The user-friendly interface eliminates the need for tools during installation. With a simple and intuitive design, the machine can be easily opened and closed by hand with quick fiber and duct loading. This can result in completing one more job each day.

Cost effective
PicoFlow RAPID is designed to be a cost-effective
solution, saving both time and resources in fiber blowing applications.

Seamless field operation
Experience hassle-free and prompt field operation with our machine. Upon unpacking, it is ready to run, minimizing unnecessary delays and complications.