Series 15 Coaxial Cable TX 500 Flex CCT-TX15AT77-FE

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The TX 15 Flexfeeder cable by Amphenol – TFC is a 75 ohm coax cable that is flexible like RG6 or RG11 drop cable but has performance like .500 hardline cable such as T10-500 series. The TX15 cable is now a 77% braid trishield cable for superior shielding effectiveness yet offers ease of installation inside buildings where traditional hardline cable would be nearly impossible to install without damage to the cable or the building and excessive labor.

  •          Series 15 Coaxial Cable
  •          Copper Clad Aluminum Conductor
  •          Foamed Polyethylene Dielectric
  •          Bonded APA Laminate Shield
  •          77% Aluminum Braid
  •          APA Laminate Shield