Visual Fault Locator CCT-261A

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The Pen-type Visual Fault Locator is visible red laser source for finding breaks and tight bends in optical fibers.
The VFL generates red laser and the visible red laser that escaping from optical fibers
makes testing and finding breaks in LANs, verifying continuity, checking the validity
of patch cables or looking for cracked fiber in splice cases, bad connectors, tight
bends in fiber cable.


Easy to use
Fast response, no warm up
CW/1 Hz mode
CE, FCC, FDA certificates


Model CCT-261A
Emitter Type FP-LD
Wavelength (±20nm) 650
Output Power 10mw
Max.measurement Range 10Km
Modulation Frequencies(Hz) CW 1Hz
Connector Type FC/PC(Interchangeable SC,ST)
Power Supply A A A 1.5v (2pcs batteries)
Battery Life(℃) ≥40hrs
Operating Temp(℃) 0~+ 50
Storage Temp. -20 ~+70
Dimension(mm) 185*25


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