Fiber Optic Test Meter CCT-RB505

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CCT-RB505 Visual Fault Locator uses 650nm laser module as emitter ,Its maximum laser power is 10mW, which is suitable for single mode or multi mode fiber inspection. The output mode can be chosen between CW and 2Hz frequency of light, it is widely used in optical communication, optical components measurement, fiber optical sensor and other fields.

1.Optional auto-shutdown
2.Large LCD display and optional backlight
3.Battery power display

1.Maintenance Telecom
2.Maintenance CATV
3.Test Lab of Fiber Optic
4.Optical fiber sensors


  • Emitter Type FP-LD
  • Wavelength(nm) 650
  • Optical Connector FC/SC/ST
  • Ouput Power(mw) ≥ 10
  • Modulation Frequencies CW、2Hz


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