Tri-Hole Fiber Optic Stripper CCT-CFS-3

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High Precision TRI-HOLE Fiber Optic Stripper

  • TRI-HOLE Fiber Optic Stripper Strips fiber buffer coating 250um to 3mm 6" in length
  • 3 holes in one tool No need to adjust hole diameter, quick stripping;
  • Accuracy hole size, won't damage optical fiber;
  • Specially designed three section for stripping wire Three hole Fiber Optic Stripper model performs all common fiber stripping functions.
  • This Fiber Optic Stripper strips the 1.6-3 mm fiber jacket down to the 600-900 micron buffer coating. The second hole strips the 600-900 micron buffer coating down to the 250 micron coating and the third hole is used to strip the 250 micron cable down to the glass fiber without nicks or scratches. 
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